Individual, transparent, efficient: about our clearing software JustClear

With JustClear, we offer our logistics customers a clearing software that helps them to simplify time-consuming invoicing. With customized tariffs on a monthly basis, individually adaptable conditions and automatic invoice generation, JustClear takes over the management of shipments, customs clearance, dangerous goods and tariff changes. The intelligent freight handling system ensures transparency and fair settlements between the parties involved, even in complex cases, and makes invoicing a straightforward and efficient process.

Mirco Hellmann, Project Manager at abacab, was involved in every step from the conception to the implementation of JustClear and knows the system inside out. In this interview, he tells us more about the product and its implementation with customers.


Hello Mirco, could you tell us something about your role in the JustClear project?

At abacab, I am the project manager responsible for JustClear. My role extends from the kick-off meeting with our customers to the go-live and follow-up support. As the central point of contact for all matters, it is particularly important to me to ensure smooth communication between all parties involved and to fulfill the individual requirements of our customers in the best possible way.


How would you describe your collaboration with the customer and the IT service providers involved during the implementation of JustClear?

JustClear was developed by us with our IT service providers and adapted to their requirements in collaboration with our customers. As they had a precise idea of the features of the clearing software, smooth communication was essential. It was particularly important to us that the platform was tailored to our customers. That’s why we held regular feedback meetings to continuously develop the system. During the implementation phase, cooperation with our customers and IT service providers was therefore particularly intensive.


Could you give us an overview of JustClear and its functionalities?

Of course! JustClear is revolutionizing settlement processes in the freight forwarding industry by replacing the usual bilateral invoicing procedures with centralized and standardized settlement processes. This means that instead of sending invoices on a daily basis, all shipments between partners can be reconciled on the JustClear web platform over an individually selectable period of time. At the end of this period, JustClear creates an overview of all services on both sides. This is used to create a total invoice. Standardized rates and individual conditions for different services can be defined to streamline the entire process.


And which services can be billed through JustClear?

The range of services is broad and includes collection, handling, main haul, delivery, direction, tolls, fees for special services and much more. The aim of JustClear is to reduce the number of receipts and achieve simple settlement. We are currently focusing on land transportation – but theoretically the system can also be extended to sea and air freight transportation.


Can you tell us about other advantages of JustClear?

The clearing software makes it possible to process payment transactions efficiently using one tool. With fully automated invoicing and a user-friendly web platform, JustClear significantly reduces the effort required for accounting. The system’s high level of transparency enables logistics companies to track their clearing processes precisely. In addition, the monthly adjustable rates offer flexibility and allow optimal adaptation to changing business requirements. In short, JustClear offers a comprehensive solution for efficient clearing management.


Thank you very much for the interview, Mirco. It was exciting to learn more about the JustClear project and your role in it.

You’re welcome! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on

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