The abacab story: Joint growth for assured added value

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The history of abacab is a story of joint strength and joint growth: On 01 December 2021, System Alliance Europe Agency GmbH became abacab management GmbH. This means that two established brands, whose services complement each 

other perfectly, have joint forces under the abacab name. Read here how it all began – and why you as our customer can expect even more from the “new” abacab. 

abacab cloud solutions GmbH: Foundation and Expansion

The abacab cloud solutions GmbH was founded in 2017 and has become known as an expert in data protection, information security and digitalization. We offer our services primarily to small and medium-sized companies in all industries. In recent years, the demand has significantly grown – for example in the course of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation and generally increasing data protection requirements. Therefore, the team of our three managing directors – Uwe Meyer, Christian Meyer and Jan Meyer – went through various expansion concepts. Most importantly for us, we are determined to offer you, as an existing customer or potential new customer, real added value.

Jan Meyer:

“Growing and buying for the sake of growth and quick profits – that goes against our philosophy. We plan for the long term and always have our customers in mind. We only wanted to expand if not only the company economically benefits from it, but also if we can offer our customers more and better-fitting, future-oriented services as a consequence.”

Jan Meyer, abacab management

abacab management GmbH: Data Management for Transport Companies

In 2005, System Alliance Europe was founded as a logistics network by 16 high-performance partners from five countries. System Alliance Europe Agency GmbH acted as the network’s agency and, among other things, took over various cooperation services and data management tasks for the SAE partners and their third-party partners. The related specialization in the target group of medium-sized European forwarding companies is what sets the agency apart. Their second plus: The SAE professionals understand perfectly how to conscientiously handle  sensitive data and complex process flows. Since 01 December 2021, the former SAE Agency offers its proven services under the name abacab management GmbH.


abacab management + abacab cloud solutions – “Family Merger” with added value

The merger between abacab management – formerly SAE Agency – and abacab cloud solutions was ultimately almost a “family affair”: abacab co-managing director Uwe Meyer also headed SAE Agency GmbH – and thus knows both partners and their competencies in detail. With abacab, we remain loyal to the proven concept of “family business” and offer you, our customers and partners, all the related securities.

Christian Meyer:

“We have always stood by promised services personally – also with our name. Our customers rely on this, which is all the more important when it comes to sensitive data and confidential insights into company processes.”

Christian Meyer, abacab management
abacab managing directors Uwe Meyer, Christian Meyer and Jan Meyer

Competent and reliable: Consulting and implementation from a single source

For the future of abacab this means: abacab customers from the time before the merger benefit equally from the changed setup, as former SAE Agency customers and new interested parties. They will not only have access to all previous Agency and abacab services. The range of services offered by the “new” abacab has been optimized and 

expanded, for example to include business consulting services. Therefore, you can be sure: With abacab, your company receives optimal, holistic support in the areas of data protection and information security, data management, consulting, process optimization and digitization – from an experienced, reliable and trustworthy partner.

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