Digital notification

Book your desired date online - easily, digitally and at any time

In today’s fast-paced world, an efficient supply chain is critical to meeting the increasing demands of the marketplace. Companies are increasingly turning to technology and software to improve their tracking processes and achieve automated supply chain process optimisation. One of the critical components of an improved supply chain is last-mile tracking to ensure that shipments reach customers on time and reliably.

To achieve this, modern notification solutions and advanced technologies such as JustAvis! Our online notification tool allows customers to book the delivery date of their shipments independently.

Automatic notification

24/7 time slot booking

Web application

Notification directly at time of shipping

Less calls to schedule appointments

Satisfied customers

Supply-chain optimization

Integration into own TMS

Notifications by phone, e-mail or fax are a thing of the past: digital delivery date monitoring is already the norm for parcel deliveries. With JustAvis, you can offer your customers this fast and uncomplicated solution for booking delivery dates. The simple and always available scheduling via our notification software not only saves you time, but also relieves your employees.

Delivery scheduling fully automated

With JustAvis, manual coordination with the customer becomes obsolete. The system allows you to specify on which days and in which time slots a delivery is possible. JustAvis notifies the recipient via SMS, email and/or voice call that a delivery appointment can be booked as soon as the shipment arrives.

Remote locations that require special delivery times? No problem! With customisable delivery rules, JustAvis allows you to take into account special delivery conditions as well as regional holidays. This means maximum flexibility, both for you as a carrier and for your customers. You also benefit from faster planning and route optimisation, as delivery routes can now be designed more efficiently.

  • 70 % less notifications via phone
  • 50 % more shipments delivered on arrival day
  • 100 % customer satisfaction