JustClear – invoicing software for freight forwarders

Automate your freight invoicing with a single tool

Automate your freight invoicing with a single tool

Customs clearance, dangerous goods, tariff adjustments: Invoicing is a time-consuming process. Especially when several factors are involved within one order. Are you looking for clearing software that makes your work easier? With JustClear, customers create customised monthly tariffs in which individual conditions can be adjusted. This includes not only surcharges for collection, but also special fees for handling dangerous goods shipments, as well as customs clearance fees or diesel surcharges. 

And the invoicing? JustClear does that for you. The intelligent freight invoicing system settles the outstanding payments made by all parties involved and creates clear invoicing documentation. This creates transparency and ensures smooth and fair settlement between carriers, even in complex cases. With JustClear, your invoicing becomes a simple and efficient process.

Flexible payment solution for logistics companies

Process all your payment transactions in one tool

Less work for your accounting department

Fully automated invoicing

User-friendly web platform

High transparency

Monthly adjustable rates

Manual billing changes

Service, size or weight changes? During the course of a month, you can make manual clearing adjustments via JustClear’s user-friendly web platform. This allows clearing customers to communicate and document any required changes at the consignment level.

No more writing invoices yourself?

With JustClear, invoicing will soon be a thing of the past. Set flexible tariffs for delivery areas and conditions for services from ADR to customs clearance to overlength. Integrate new partners into the clearing process quickly and easily, and calculate shipment costs in real time. At the end of the month, JustClear reconciles your receivables against services rendered and generates an invoice. And the invoice? Collected at the end of the month – so you always know what you owe!

You can also benefit from tariffs that can be adjusted on a monthly basis, giving you the flexibility to respond to the ever-changing demands of the market.

  • Optimise your billing
  • Reduce billing errors
  • Automate your freight payment processing